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Affordable Housing in Luxurious Mumbai.

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Sethia Infrastructure at the forefront of affordable housing.

Sethia Infrastructure was one of the first developers to bring affordable housing and value for money units in prime location in Mumbai with their projects like Sethia Green view, Sethia Link view and Sethia Sea view in Goregaon West, Link Road in 2011. Understanding the future trend they were able to anticipate a growing target market of middle class households and moderate income employees who would be ideal candidates for home-loans for such flats. Playing on the idea of ticket size and give attractive all inclusive schemes they were able to aggressively sell and create a new affordable housing segment of 1BHKs and 2BHKs. This was a huge market of people with buying power who were ready to compromise on with less space if the flats in a good locality fit into their budget. It was also an excellent investment opportunity for Renting and NRI investments and Sethia Infrastructure took full benefit of the same and these projects with over 450
flats sold like hot cakes. Since then many major developers have started bringing affordable housing inventory but Sethia has always remained on the forefront banking on the trust of the consumers, Commitment driven work and very positive word of mouth.

So why does affordable housing work?

Decent, affordable housing is fundamental to the health and well-being of people and to the smooth functioning of the economy. Against the backdrop of impending large scale urbanization in India over the next few decades, it is important to identify, evaluate the needs of, and address the challenges faced by the largest chunk of urban housing consumers with the most pressing needs – the Affordable Housing customer. In India, it is appropriate to define affordability in housing as being a function of three broad parameters – the monthly household income (MHI) of prospective buyers, the size of the dwelling unit and the affordability of the home buyer (the ratio of the price of the home
to annual income or the ratio of EMI to monthly income).* First and foremost, the Affordable Housing customer seeks a strong value proposition. Limited income and difficulty in access to credit mean that a home will most likely comprise the most important

asset/biggest investment in his/her lifetime, and will form the starting point for the long-term welfare of his/her family. A well-constructed home in a planned development with adequate sanitation, security, privacy, play areas for children, and uninterrupted water & electricity supply holds significant aspirational value for this customer, whose current living conditions are likely to be compromised. Good connectivity to places of work in urban centres and the presence of social infrastructure such as schools and hospitals are also key.

In Mumbai, while home-ownership remains a long-cherished dream for the potential Affordable Housing customer, he/she succeeds only with the parameters of connectivity, Value for money and committed Delivery.Being the number 1 in the affordable housing market, Sethia Infrastructure always designs exclusive value for money products for Middle income households, Investors and NRI consumers and has customers from all over the world. Most importantly they deliver their said projects on time or even before time.

Featured Project

Kalpavruksh Heights

Aptly named as Kalpavruksh, a Godly tree that fulfills all your desires, Kalpavruksh Heights is an answer to your search for a dream home and once you come here all your other dreams and desires will also come true.

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